Athena Head Gasket 426 Hemi D=108.7mm T=1.0mm

Athena Head Gasket 426 Hemi D=108.7mm T=1.0mm


MLS cylinder head gaskets are being fitted by many vehicle manufacturers as origninal equipment. Modern engines imply higher cylinder pressures and higher temperatures. MLS gaskets have been realized in order to cope with these new realities.

Athena MLS gaskets feature a combination of 3 to 5 layers made of different types of raw materials.

Outer and inner layers combination is designed to perform at higher compession levels than stock configuration. Type of steels that are used may vary upon the engine requirements. Athena MLS gaskets provide an even torque load across the sealing surface to compensate any type of bore distortion. Athena MLS gaskets are the best solution for both aluminum heads to cast iron blocks and aluminum heads to aluminum blocks.

Optimised Radius:

Athena's unique embossment formation process uses soft radius forming to optimise the embossment radius in critical areas.

This solution improves gaskets conformability, reducing stress points. It also provides uniform clamp load distribution across the engine block deck and increases embossment surface contact area between engine block and cylinder head surfaces.

Stress Stabilization & Relaxation:

All head gasket layers go through a stress relieving process to significantly reduce forming induced stress.

Advantages of tempered metal are reduced hardness and brittleness, increased flexibility and deformation retention. Also relaxes stress points in the gasket after the embossment forming process. This stabilizes the gasket, resulting in reduced cylinder bore distortion and improved combustion seal around the cylinder bore to seal extreme pressure.

Proprietary Coating Technology :

Athena's two part polymer coating is applied after the stress relieving process and ensures uniform coverage of the outer layers. This process ensures the micro seal of engine coolant/oil fluids, and meets the demands of a variety of harsh environments.

The first layer is a high temperature compound that will conform to fill engine block deck surface irregularities.

The second layer itself releases easily and will not stick to mating surfaces when disassembling the engine, in order to prevent scratching or gasket corrosion.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant From To Engine Notes
General Motors 426 Hemi

Founded in 1973 Athena is a group of 7 companies which produce gaskets, technical articles and metallic components for the industrial and motorcycle sectors.

They all operate according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 quality standards. Their main concepts are: reliability, availability, technical evolution and constant improvement.

Over the last few years Athena has set up its Aftermarket Division which operates exclusively in the motorcycle sector and produces gaskets, thermic units and spare parts for each make and model all over the world. Athena is market leader in the preparation of gasket kits for the repair of mopeds, motorcycles, jetski, outboards and Harley Davidson offering the most complete range in the world. Besides gaskets, Athena offers also oil seals and fork oil seals of original type, bearings and AP Racing brake pads.

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